Lawn Care Services in Ascension Parish, LA

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TruGreen is proud to serve the Ascension Parish, LA area. Our trained technicians can provide the care your lawn needs so you don’t have to. Take back your time, and leave the lawn care to trained professionals who guarantee their results.

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Lawn Care Services in Ascension Parish, LA

ascension parish lawn care

Ascension Parish may be the fourth smallest parish in Louisiana but, lying on the banks of the Mississippi River between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, it has a lot to offer. That includes its landscapes. The plants that grow in Ascension Parish are as diverse as the food, festivals, and homes that make the parish so rich. Are you hoping to keep your yard up to par with the town’s exquisite southern vibe? You’ll never find friendlier, more effective services than with TruGreen Midsouth. 

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Lawn Care

We’ve brought the most modern lawn care methods and products to the Ascension Parish, LA area and tailored them to the unique climate and changes of the region. With your customized plan, we take it one step further, tailoring our step by step year-round treatment schedule to your lawn’s needs. Here at TruGreen Midsouth, every lawn care program begins with our free lawn analysis. We’ll provide your lawn with nutrients, protect it against weeds, insects, and disease, keep its pH in balance, and provide the care it needs, when it needs it, in every season. 

Professionals That Are Dedicated to the Health of Your Lawn

TruGreen Midsouth technicians are selected on the basis of extensive training and experience, and a personal investment in the results they produce. Our technicians take care of your lawn as if it were their own. The results our professionals deliver are unmatched, and we promise you’ll be satisfied. In fact, we guarantee it. 

No Contracts & a Full Guarantee Means We Won’t Stop Until You’re Satisfied

Every full-program lawn care plan is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our goal is to transform your lawn into its greenest, thickest, most weed-free condition. We want it to be healthy, year-round. If you’re not happy with the results, we’ll work hard until you are or refund the cost of your last treatment. 

Choose from our Bermuda & Zoysia, Fescue, or Centipede & St. Augustine lawn care programs to get started! If you aren't sure which option is best suited for your lawn, schedule a free lawn analysis!

Tree & Shrub Care in Ascension Parish

The hospitality of the city is unparalleled. And so are the elements that try to knock the life out of the city’s trees and plants. Hurricanes, diseases like bacterial leaf scorch, and insects like azalea lace bugs are just the top of the list. At TruGreen, we believe the cure starts with the cause. Science shows that nourished, strong trees and shrubs are less likely to contract diseases, attract pests, and yield to harsh weather. That’s why our packages include timely applications that nourish trees and shrubs throughout the year.

Personalization for Every Homeowner

One look at the requirements necessary to keep a live oak and a fruit tree thriving reveals that proper landscape care is complex, diverse, and challenging to keep up with. At TruGreen, we use our dense knowledge of Louisiana plants to shape an ideal care approach for you. We’ll start by identifying your trees and shrubs, noting past problems and conditions, and consulting with you about your concerns. After your initial analysis, we customize your plan to ensure our science-driven care techniques meet the needs of each plant in every month.

Increase Home Value and Enjoyment

Our experts are familiar with the local needs of Ascension Parish plants and know exactly what your yard needs, so that you don’t have to spend the time figuring that out. Every Louisiana home needs a touch of southern class, and your landscape is where it all begins. Our tree and shrub care packages enhance the look of your home, making it perfect for all your activities, from hosting friends to reading a book on the porch swing. Let our career technicians take care of your trees and shrubs for you. You just enjoy the view.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’re so confident that our expert lawn technicians will give you the green, healthy yard you deserve that we guarantee it. If we don’t reach your utmost satisfaction, we won't be pleased either. If this is the case, we’ll treat your lawn until you’re satisfied or refund your last treatment.

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