Lawn Care in Baton Rouge, LA

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If your lawn experience has been hit or miss, it’s time for guaranteed results. TruGreen Midsouth’s comprehensive lawn care and mosquito control in Baton Rouge are customized to the needs of your property with tailored, year-round treatment programs that are grounded in science and proven by years of experience. We’ll create a green, lush, thick turf and repel annoying lawn pests so you can stop sacrificing precious time caring for your lawn and get back to what’s more important in your life.

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Lawn Care in Baton Rouge, LA

Baton Rouge Lawn Care

It’s no secret that a beautiful lawn is a top priority for every homeowner. But achieving it—that’s a different story. With the harsh weather conditions in Baton Rouge and the abundance of insect and disease risks, getting and maintaining green, healthy grass is a challenge.

Here at TruGreen MidSouth, we are here to help! Our friendly, hard-working Baton Rouge lawn experts will have your backyard looking flawless in no time. 

Effective Lawn Solutions, Backed By Science

Much like any other living organism, your lawn requires food, protection, and proper conditions to thrive. Keeping up with the needs of your lawn is not only time-consuming, but it requires a knowledge of the science behind it all.

Our technicians are some of the best in the industry, trained to restore even the most battered lawns. We combine careful timing, advanced methodologies, and state of the art equipment to achieve the best possible results. So put your trust in our hands, sit back, and enjoy your lush lawn!

Fertilizers Designed to Promote Fresh, Green Growth

Fertilization is a delicate balance of timed applications and carefully calibrated formulas. We will work with you to create a solution that will boost your lawn's health, allowing you and your family to enjoy your backyard all season long without the fear of creating bare spots. 

Enjoy Your Bright Flower Beds, Without the Distraction of Weeds

A green lawn is a canvas for a beautiful landscape, but your flower beds and ornamental shrubs are really what makes your landscape stand out. Our herbicide treatments target weeds at the source, so you can spend your Saturdays planting flowers, and not pulling weeds!

Protect Your Loved Ones From Mosquitoes

Here in Baton Rouge, our warm climate makes summer the perfect season to spend outdoors. Whether you’re hosting a cookout for your friends or playing in the backyard with your children and pets, your lawn is a perfect place to spend your sunny days; however, our warm, humid weather makes our lawns extra susceptible to mosquitoes and the diseases they carry.

Zika and West Nile Virus are just a few of the threats that mosquitoes pose to our families. At TruGreen MidSouth, we offer mosquito control in Baton Rouge that will keep your family safe from mosquitoes.

Customized Mosquito Treatments

At TruGreen MidSouth, our Baton Rouge mosquito control tackles the problem by reducing the population of the mosquitoes in your lawn, while adding a layer of protection around your property.

We offer one-time mosquito treatments in Baton Rouge so you can prepare for a special outdoor event. We also offer recurring mosquito services, which we recommend for ultimate protection. When you partner with us for recurring mosquito treatments in Baton Rouge, you will get:

  • Recurring mosquito treatments each month during breeding season

  • A defensive barrier around your home to protect against mosquitoes

  • Peace of mind when you enjoy your lawn without mosquitoes

Whether you are dealing with a mosquito infestation or want to prevent a future one from occurring, your lawn will be in good hands with TruGreen MidSouth.

Feel Confident With Our Satisfaction Guarantee

At TruGreen Midsouth, we're dedicated to providing our customers with quality treatments and top-notch customer service. Your satisfaction is our number one priority! Our lawn service and pest control treatments in Baton Rouge are carefully designed and continuously adapted to keep your lawn healthy. Because we believe in our treatments, we're confident enough to back them with a money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll refund the entire cost of your last application. 

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