Lawn Care in Baton Rouge, LA

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If your lawn experience has been hit or miss, it’s time for guaranteed results. TruGreen Midsouth’s comprehensive lawn care and mosquito control in Baton Rouge are customized to the needs of your property with tailored, year-round treatment programs that are grounded in science and proven by years of experience. We’ll create a green, lush, thick turf and repel annoying lawn pests so you can stop sacrificing precious time caring for your lawn and get back to what’s more important in your life.

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Lawn Care in Baton Rouge, LA

Baton Rouge Lawn Care

It’s no secret that a beautiful lawn is a top priority for every homeowner. But achieving it—that’s a different story. With the harsh weather conditions in Baton Rouge and the abundance of insect and disease risks, getting and maintaining green, healthy grass is a challenge. 

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Lawn Care

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Insect & Disease Control

Commercial Services

Here at TruGreen MidSouth, we are here to help! Our friendly, hard-working Baton Rouge lawn experts will have your backyard looking flawless in no time. 

Lawn Care

Much like any other living organism, your lawn requires food, protection, and proper conditions to thrive. Keeping up with the needs of your lawn is not only time-consuming, but it requires a knowledge of the science behind it all.

Our technicians are some of the best in the industry, trained to restore even the most battered lawns. We combine careful timing, advanced methodologies, and state of the art equipment to achieve the best possible results. So put your trust in our hands, sit back, and enjoy your lush lawn!

Fertilizers Designed to Promote Fresh, Green Growth

Fertilization is a delicate balance of timed applications and carefully calibrated formulas. We will work with you to create a solution that will boost your lawn's health, allowing you and your family to enjoy your backyard all season long without the fear of creating bare spots. 

Enjoy Your Bright Flower Beds, Without the Distraction of Weeds

A green lawn is a canvas for a beautiful landscape, but your flower beds and ornamental shrubs are really what makes your landscape stand out. Our herbicide treatments target weeds at the source, so you can spend your Saturdays planting flowers, and not pulling weeds!

Aeration & Dethatching Services in Baton Rouge

Some lawns need a little extra help every now and then. Our aeration and dethatching services in Baton Rouge can get your lawn back to its green glory. Compacted soil can make your lawn vulnerable to disease and infestation because it is not properly absorbing the nutrients it needs to thrive.

Our aeration treatments in Baton Rouge combat this by pulling plugs of soil out of your lawn to create small holes. These holes allow the turf to breathe and soak up nutrients so that your lawn can enjoy greatly improved growth.

Benefits of Core Aeration:

  • Increased fertilizer, oxygen, and water uptake
  • Deeper, healthier root system
  • Maximized results in conjunction with your regular lawn care plan
  • Breakdown of corrosive thatch and enhanced disease resistance

Help your lawn breathe better by setting it up for better growth and recovery. Our professional technicians and use of advanced machinery guarantee you safe, complete coverage for greater results.


Dethatching services in Baton Rouge can also help to get your lawn in shape by removing a layer of thatch from the turf to improve your yard's overall health. This process is laborious and requires specialized equipment but the results are worth it! Your lawn will be more resistant to pests, weeds, and disease once it is in the best condition to grow. Our Baton Rouge lawn care professionals can even recommend tips on how to prevent thatch build up and soil compacting in the future so that your lawn can be green and lush all the time. No one wants a patchy lawn, so seeding can supplement both of these treatments by greatly increasing the growth of your lawn. If you want the best looking lawn on the block, you have to start at the root of the issue and take care of your yard's health!

Give your lawn a breath of fresh air today!

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Tree & Shrub Care in Baton Rouge

It’s not unusual for excited homeowners to select a broad variety of plants based on the look they want to create at their home. But what they don’t know is that with every variety comes a unique set of needs. So, the result is a lot of money spent and no roadmap for care. And anyone who has ever tried to go it alone knows that planning and executing care for every ornamental in the yard is a time-consuming and expensive task. Enter TruGreen MidSouth. Our all-inclusive tree & shrub care packages take care of everything for you, from identifying your yard’s elements to executing a unique, year-round plan.

Let Us Design a One-Of-A-Kind Plan for You

All of our Baton Rouge tree and shrub care treatments start with a free lawn analysis. During this visit, we begin by identifying all of the trees and shrubs on your property. This allows us to create a 100% customized approach. What’s included depends completely on your plants. But deep root fertilization, disease and pest control, and dormant oil applications are a part of just about every personalized tree & shrub package we design.

Add Texture, Color, and Appeal to Your Yard

Here’s an interesting fact: trees and shrubs have been known to increase property value by more than 14% (Source). And when you have a team of experts giving your plants their ideal care, you can be sure your investments will reach their full potential and spend time doing more important things in your life than yard work. A well-kept yard does not have to cost you precious weekend time, backbreaking work, or hours of planning. That’s where we come in - and why Baton Rouge homeowners who trust our expertise, personalization, and year-round consistency enjoy stunning yards without the sacrifice.

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Weed Control & Flower Bed Care in Baton Rouge

No matter what your garden is made of, the lawn care experts at TruGreen Baton Rouge have the knowledge, skills and the tools for providing the very best flower bed care. Our trained technicians will make sure that your weed problem is under control, so your flowers will bloom during the high season and remain healthy through the off-season.

Get to the Root of the Problem

While taking care of existing weed problems is vital to getting your garden back on track, the key to maintaining beautiful flower beds is consistent, year-round care. Preventative, pre-emergent care is your best defense against weeds that would otherwise compete with your plants for nutrients. We offer comprehensive flower bed care and weed control services that emphasize weed prevention, while still maintaining a quality post-emergent weed control system that can rid your beds of existing weeds just as fast as they can grow.

Achieve the Garden of Your Dreams & Save Time with Professional Care

Why not save yourself time and the hassle of yanking weeds out as they come and trust your flower bed health to the Baton Rouge professionals? We will make sure that the job is done right the first time, so you can get back to the enjoyable parts of gardening. 

Are you ready to let TruGreen MidSouth take care of your flower beds, so you don’t have to?

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Mosquito Control in Baton Rouge

Here in Baton Rouge, our warm climate makes summer the perfect season to spend outdoors. Whether you’re hosting a cookout for your friends or playing in the backyard with your children and pets, your lawn is a perfect place to spend your sunny days; however, our warm, humid weather makes our lawns extra susceptible to mosquitoes and the diseases they carry.

Zika, West Nile Virus, and Lyme Disease are just a few of the threats that these lawn pests pose to our families. At TruGreen MidSouth, we offer mosquito control in Baton Rouge that will keep your family safe from these unwanted yard pests.

Customized Mosquito Treatments

At TruGreen MidSouth, our Baton Rouge mosquito control tackles the problem by reducing their population in your lawn, while adding a layer of protection around your property.

We offer one-time mosquito treatment in Baton Rouge so you can prepare for a special outdoor event. We also offer recurring mosquito services, which we recommend for ultimate protection. When you partner with us for mosquito control in Baton Rouge, you will get:

  • Recurring treatments each month during breeding season

  • A defensive barrier around your home to protect against mosquitoes

  • Peace of mind when you enjoy your bug-free lawn

Whether you are dealing with an outdoor pest infestation or want to prevent a future one from occurring, your lawn will be in good hands with TruGreen MidSouth.

Tell mosquitoes to buzz off today!

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Insect & Disease Control in Baton Rouge

One of the most prevalent lawn care complaints in the south, especially in Baton Rouge, is bug infestations. From pesky mosquitoes and gnats, to the more harmful fleas and ticks, Baton Rouge’s pest population seems to be thriving. Our insect control treatments don’t just get rid of the bugs, they also work to eradicate eggs and larvae too. This means you’ll benefit from the immediate results, but also enjoy long-term relief.

Protect Your Family From Fleas & Ticks

It’s not just your lawn’s beauty at risk when bugs make a home out of your lawn. Fleas are known to leave behind itchy bites, and ticks are capable of transmitting diseases like Lyme and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. We will ensure that your lawn’s flea and tick problems are taken care of, while maintaining the health of your family as our top priority.  

Restore The Beauty of Your Lawn With Regular Fungicide Applications

Much like bugs and insects, fungus is also a common threat to the well-being of your lawn. In Baton Rouge, the moisture in the air is high for a majority of the warmer months. Our friendly technicians can take care of the problem quickly and keep the fungus from returning with full coverage fungicide applications. 

Relax Knowing Your Lawn is Protected by Professionals!

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Commercial Services in Baton Rouge

Our commercial care programs create beautiful lawns with the goal of increasing the success of your business. We tailor our year-round care to your budget, scheduling, and property. Our mission is to deliver lawns that are green, healthy, and speak well of you and your business. Our commercial lawn care services include:

  • FREE consultation to create your custom lawn care plan
  • Fertilization, weed control, aeration, insect and disease control, and more
  • Advanced techniques, equipment, and products
  • Treatments scientifically-based for ideal results in Baton Rouge’s climate

Professional Care for Trees, Shrubs, Beds, and More

The exterior of your business is the foundation of a good first impression. Your lawn also needs healthy trees and shrubs and clean landscape beds. Our suite of commercial services provides everything necessary to take care of these often overlooked elements. We’ll make the most out of your property investment with dependable services that produce results.

Dependable Professionals, Exceptional Results

Creating a visually appealing exterior is essential to producing the professionalism you need to impress your customers. We understand that passing off that task takes trust, but you have no need to worry--our services are derived from years of continuing education and experience. From consultation to treatment, we guarantee you’ll be assured you’re being taken care of. To our technicians, the results -- and your satisfaction -- are the ultimate prize. 

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Feel Confident With Our Satisfaction Guarantee

At TruGreen Midsouth, we're dedicated to providing our customers with quality treatments and top-notch customer service. Your satisfaction is our number one priority! Our lawn service and pest control treatments in Baton Rouge are carefully designed and continuously adapted to keep your lawn healthy. Because we believe in our treatments, we're confident enough to back them with a money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll refund the entire cost of your last application. 

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