Lawn Care Services in Denham Springs, LA

Ready for a lush, healthy lawn you can enjoy year long?

There's nothing like driving home after a long day to be greeted by a beautiful front yard. Rather than spending your spare time mixing fertilizers and applying insecticides, let us provide the hassle-free, scientific solution to a greener lawn. Our Denham Springs lawn care programs are customized to deliver the highest quality results every time, guaranteed.

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Lawn Care Services in Denham Springs, LA

Denham Springs LA Lawn Care Company

We can help! At TruGreen MidSouth, we understand that life gets busy, and caring for your landscape may slide to the bottom of your to-do list. With our professional services in Denham Springs, LA, your lawn will receive the nutrients and protection it needs to flourish--and you can mark it off your to-do list permanently.

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Lawn Care 

Regardless of your lawn’s unique condition, all of our Denham Springs lawn care programs incorporate:

  • Fertilization
  • Aeration
  • pH monitoring
  • Protection from insects and diseases 

But as the needs of your turf evolves throughout the year, why shouldn’t our treatments? Our highly trained technicians will work around your schedule to apply the ideal treatment for the time of year. This precise, timely approach ensures the best results for your lawn in winter, springs, summer, or fall. The best part? We don't require contracts and our results are 100% guaranteed for your satisfaction.

Lucky for You, We Know Louisiana Lawn Care

Throughout the year, there’s a long list of elements working against your grass to prevent it from reaching true health. High summer temperatures, unexpected winter frost, brown patch disease, and armyworms are just a few of them. Our Denham Springs lawn care experts are prepared for anything mother nature throws your way. With extensive experience and localized training to maximize grass health in Louisiana, we’ll have your lawn in better shape than ever. Let us customize a lawn care program for your Bermuda, Zoysia, Centipede, or St. Augustine grass.  

Ready for the yard of your dreams? Give our experts on lawn care in Tupelo a call for your free estimate, or learn more about our services.

Tree & Shrub Care in Denham Springs

A well cared for landscape can greatly boost the curb appeal of your home. But with the constant back and forth of Mother Nature, it can be a challenge to maintain any sort of ornamental plant. At TruGreen MidSouth, we target insects and diseases that are common risks to your tree and shrub health. Our custom applications are modified for individual needs of each plant, using local insecticides and fungicides as well as the nutrients your ornamentals need to stay healthy and green for the long term.

Take Pride in Your Landscape

Caring for trees and shrubs in Denham Springs, LA can be tricky because each season brings its own set of challenges. Whether your plants need protection from the intense summertime heat or a shield from the colder winter temperatures, our Denham Springs tree and shrub care experts know how to keep your landscape in top shape with:

  • Root zone fertilization
  • Pest control applications
  • Targeted trunk injections
  • Overwintering insect control
  • And much more!

Enjoy the Outdoors in the Comfort of Your Own Yard!

TruGreen MidSouth wants you to delight in the laid-back days of summer and relax during the colder days of winter knowing your landscape is cared for. Instead of spending your free time maintaining your yard, let us handle it with our tree and shrub care services in Denham Springs. You'll have more time to spend outside with friends and family without having to leave home!

Give your landscape the attention it deserves!

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Imagine a green, barefoot-worthy yard, and all the endless activities that come along with it. With TruGreen Midsouth on your team, you'll make having a green lawn look easy. Our lawn care programs, fertilization treatments, and lawn pest control in Denham Springs can help you easily achieve the lush, green lawn you've always wanted—without doing any of the work! Our expert team can tackle a variety of lawn problems and are armed with the treatments and experience needed to whip your lawn into shape - satisfaction guaranteed!

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