Lawn Care Services in Dyersburg, TN

Complete Care from Root to Tip

What’s your lawn worth if you can’t enjoy it? Don’t waste time you could be spending enjoying your lawn trying to care for it. Trust your lawn care in Dyersburg, TN to the professionals at TruGreen Midsouth for guaranteed results. It’s time to start using your lawn for fun, not dedicating weekends of work for subpar results!

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Lawn Care Services in Dyersburg, TN

Every lawn care program in Dyersburg, TN is customized to the unique needs of the home being serviced. Our plans are derived from the needs of your yard and an in-depth knowledge of what works in the local area. Our familiarity with the agronomic conditions of the region -- and what your yard needs -- positions us to create the perfect plan to produce a stunningly green, thick turf on your property.

Fertilize, Fight Weeds, and More

If lawn care was as simple as sprinkling seed and plucking a few weeds, every yard would be perfect. However, creating the visually appealing, genuinely healthy lawn that everyone envies requires experience, science, and dedication. We bring each of these elements in abundance to your yard to give you consistent results. Our applications of fertilizer and herbicides are tailored to your turf’s needs. Our goal is an enviable lawn perfect for your outdoor lifestyle -- every time.

Technicians That Take Care Personally

Our devotion to lawn care extends beyond the fact that it’s our career. The results we produce are a reflection on our dedication to our customers, and we want them to be perfect. Moreover, your satisfaction is our utmost goal. We’re so confident in the effectiveness of our plans that we guarantee results. In fact, if you don’t get the grass you want, we’ll refund the cost of your last application.

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