Lawn Care Services in Prairieville, LA

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We're here to make it happen! From hassle-free scheduling and a free lawn analysis to regular treatments that are guaranteed to work, you can relax knowing that every square inch of your lawn if fully cared for by a professional. After all, we offer more than just a quick-fix; our professionals deliver long-term results. The best part? You get a full commitment from our Prairieville lawn care team without every having to sign a contract.

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Lawn Care Services in Prairieville, LA

Prairieville LA Lawn Care

Here at TruGreen Midsouth, we take pride in hiring only the friendliest of people, while also expertly applying effective treatments to care for your lawn. Our science-based approach helps us conquer the hot and humid climate, irrigation issues, and many other problems that local homeowners face. Our trusted technicians can give you a lawn that's the envy of all of your neighbors—allowing you to relax and enjoy your yard! 

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Lawn Care 

The more beautiful your lawn, the more enjoyable your home. As Prairieville lawn care specialists, we are trained to know the importance of well-timed lawn care – however, as homeowners we understand that sometimes there's just not enough time in the day to get it all done. That's where we come in. Our plans include the essential puzzle pieces to create a carpet-like lawn. With fertilization and weed control as a foundation, we offer insect disease control and aeration so that your grass can beat the odds against any threat. Because our solutions leverage research, science, and industry-leading techniques, you won’t have to think about lawn care ever again.

Customized Treatments for All Grass Types

Average lawn care programs in Prairieville, LA offer inflexible programs and prices that sometimes only include fertilization and weed elimination. Moreover, many lawn care companies lack a scientific, customized approach making them significantly less effective. Using extensive research, we’ve crafted specific packages for Centipede & St. Augustine and Bermuda & Zoysia grass, and can customize each plan even further. Put simply, it’s TruGreen's tailored approach that’s the secret to a beautiful lawn. Go on, schedule your free lawn analysis! You'll be happy to save yourself from the yard work and your lawn will thank you for the much-needed nutrients it needs to thrive.

Tree & Shrub Care

It’s a great thing to add trees and shrubs to your backyard for more curb appeal or shade. However, it takes a lot of care to keep them healthy and vibrant. Our Prairieville lawn care professionals address the unique needs of each type of plant in your yard, ensuring continued growth and development. We begin by inspecting and evaluating your landscape and listening to your goals for your property. Then our technicians provide a tailored approach to caring for your plants, which includes monitoring them on a regular basis for symptoms of disease or pest infestations. As a result, your yard will look vibrant and pristine year-round.

Bring Out Your Yard's True Potential

Residents of Prairieville know that each season delivers its own set of issues for trees and shrubs. Whether its intense heat, damaging disease or pesky insects, our trained technicians have the skills to keep your landscape looking its best no matter what the season. Our tree and shrub care services include:

  • Spring feeding 
  • Root zone fertilization 
  • Early-, mid-, and late-season pest treatments 
  • Overwintering insect control
  • Targeted trunk injections
  • and much more!

Enjoy the benefits of a beautiful landscape today!

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Weed Control & Flower Bed Care

Because every garden is different, maintenance can be tricky. At TruGreen MidSouth, we have the knowledge and experience to address a wide range of flower bed challenges. We tailor our customized weed control solutions in Prairieville to the needs of your specific landscape, so you get the landscape of your dreams – without the hassle!

Save Time and Energy with Professional Help

If you want a beautiful yard, the last thing you need are weeds growing in abundance. Count on the Prairieville lawn care professionals at TruGreen MidSouth to give weeds the one-two punch!

Prevention: Our special pre-emergent formulas are the solution you need to get rid of troublesome weeds before they have the opportunity to grow out of control. 

Treatment: Already have weeds? They will be a thing of the past with our post-emergent system, designed to eliminate existing weeds fast.

Weeds won't stand a chance against our treatments!

Take Pride in Your Landscape

If you love your Prairieville garden but hate pulling weeds, our flower bed care services are the answer. Our trained technicians will provide the best treatment--and handle all the hard work--for your garden. So let us take weed control off your to-do list--and you and your family can remember what it's like to enjoy your garden stress-free. Don't you deserve it?

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100% Guaranteed Results

We’re so confident that our expert lawn technicians will give you the green, healthy yard you deserve that we guarantee it. If we don’t reach your utmost satisfaction, we won't be pleased either. If this is the case, we’ll treat your lawn until you’re satisfied or refund your last treatment.

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