Lawn Care Services in Tupelo, MS

A Beautiful Lawn, Without the Hassle

In Tupelo, a thick, green lawn is the goal of every homeowner. That’s why many homeowners spend hours of time caring for and maintaining their lawns. Often, the time required or lack of results is disheartening. Why not choose a personalized lawn care plan with an established, dedicated, local team of professionals who can help you achieve the goals you've set for your property? With TruGreen Midsouth’s Tupelo lawn care programs, you can. Get started today with a free lawn analysis!

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Lawn Care Services in Tupelo, MS

Tupelo Lawn Care

While many homeowners dream of having a lush, beautiful lawn, the reality is that most don’t have the time and experience it takes to maintain one throughout the year. Knowing what treatments to apply and when to apply them requires knowledge of the specific quirks of Mississippi lawns.

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Lawn Care

Tree & Shrub Care

Weed Control & Flower Bed Care

Insect & Disease Control

Commerical Services

Mosquito Control

Lawn Care

Here at TruGreen, we understand that results matter. That's why we back all of our lawn services in Tupelo with a money-back guarantee. No matter which combination of services you choose, we promise to give you the results you're looking for. From fertilization to insect control and disease prevention, our local lawn care experts have you covered for a variety of needs. When you call us for lawn care in Tupelo, we'll get your lawn not only looking bright and green, but growing healthier and stronger. 

Fertilization For a Healthier, Greener Lawn

Healthy grass is beautiful grass! For your lawn to look its best, it needs the right amount of nutrients that will sink deep into the roots. Our Tupelo lawn care specialists will apply the right amount of treatment at the right time so no matter what type of turf you have, your lawn will make you a very proud homeowner.

Insect Control & Disease Prevention that Maintain Your Lawn's Health

The thought of seeing a lawn destroyed by grubs, insects, and common lawn disease is bothersome. You've worked hard to maintain your lawn, so let us help you ensure it stands the test of time! With our insect and disease control services in Tupelo, we'll make sure your lawn is protected.

Ready for the yard of your dreams? Give our experts on lawn care in Tupelo a call for your free estimate, or learn more about our services.

Tree & Shrub Care in Tupelo

While beautiful, healthy grass certainly provides the foundation to a great landscape, incorporating trees and shrubs to your outdoor spaces adds beauty, value, and zest. Trees and ornamental shrubs create habitats for wildlife and offer shade and vibrancy for your family’s enjoyment. However, with all of the benefits, both trees and shrubs create a unique set of seasonal challenges. Rather than spending your time on do-it-yourself initiatives, the professionals at TruGreen MidSouth can help with our tree and shrub care in Tupelo! We are committed to providing you with the beautiful, healthy landscape you deserve. 

Save Time with Help From the Professionals

Tree and shrub care can be a daunting task; doing it on your own can mean spending most of your Saturday in the dirt rather than enjoying your lawn. An investment in TruGreen MidSouth for your tree and shrub care in Tupelo is one that will pay off handsomely in time saved.

We will do all of the work to protect your investment and give you the peace of mind that your landscaping is taken care of while you spend your time on things that are important to you. 

Our tree and shrub care services include:

  • Early spring fertilization
  • Scheduled Insecticide applications
  • Fungicide application
  • Dormant oil applications
  • and much more!

Are You Ready for the Landscape of Your Dreams?

Making your landscape the envy of the neighborhood is easier than you ever thought possible with TruGreen MidSouth’s tree and shrub care services in Tupelo. Instead of spending your free time caring for your yard’s trees and shrubs, let the professionals at TruGreen MidSouth take care of all of the hard work for you.

Start enjoying a healthy, thriving landscape with your family and friends today!

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Weed Control & Flower Bed Care in Tupelo

We understand that every garden is different. That’s why we work to craft a customized, comprehensive solution to address the specific needs of your property. Rather than spending all of your free time fighting weeds, let us take care of the problem, so you can get back to enjoying your landscape!

Goodbye Weeds, Hello Healthy Garden

While gardening can be one of the most enjoyable and relaxing activities that your home can offer, taking care of weeds is nothing but a hassle. From post-emergent weed control to preventative year-round pre-emergent care, our skilled professionals can handle all of your Tupelo flower bed care needs, and make sure that you have a garden that you can be proud of. 

Relax Knowing Your Garden is Taken Care of by the Professionals

Our technicians will take the time to get to know you and your garden to determine your unique needs. Upon careful inspection, they can formulate a solution that works best for you. We know you’re ready for a solution you can count on, which is why we offer a satisfaction guarantee with all of our services. If, for any reason, you aren’t pleased with our services, let us know! We’re committed to making it right.

Are you tired of weeds giving you the runaround?

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Insect & Disease Control in Tupelo

Various factors contribute to the overall health and beauty of your lawn. For many Tupelo homeowners, lawn diseases caused by grubs and insects rank at the top of the list. To maintain a vibrant, sustainable lawn, it is important to consult an insect control and lawn disease prevention expert to tackle the issue at hand. The experts at TruGreen Midsouth are here to help!

Maintain a comfortable lawn with flea & tick control

Insect control is a huge challenge to many homeowners, and in Tupelo, fleas and ticks rank among the biggest offenders. If you do have a flea and tick problem outside your home, you can be sure that at some point in the future, that problem will make its way inside. The best way to ensure that your home stays clear of these vector pests is through prevention. We will apply family-friendly flea and tick control barriers to your lawn to ensure your family is safe both indoors and out.

Rescue your lawn with a fungicide application

In climates like Tupelo, a fungus can quickly rob a lawn of its beauty. Likely caused by Tupelo’s vast population of grubs and insects, diseases can have an extremely negative impact on your lawn. If you notice rings, unusually slow growth, or brown patches, it might be time for you to invest in a fungicide application. Our technicians are trained to recognize signs of insect infestations and respond accordingly. We will apply our tried-and-true insecticide and fungicide formula to ensure the nuisance is gone for good. 

Relax knowing your lawn is backed by the TruGreen guarantee

From diagnosis to cure, insect and disease control can be a tricky topic, which is why it’s important to have the help of a professional. We are committed to providing you with a beautiful lawn all season long. That’s why we provide multi-treatment services and a satisfaction guarantee with all of our Tupelo lawn care services! 

Start enjoying a healthy, beautiful lawn today!

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Commercial Services in Tupelo

Your business landscape deserves the same care and attention that you give to your yard at home. But tackling the challenges of a commercial landscape can be a much bigger production than a Sunday chore. Our commercial lawn care services in Tupelo will take the hassle off your hands so you can get back to what is most important - running your business. 

Protect Your Business Investment

Chances are, you’ve spent a lot of time and money making sure that your business location inspires your customers and makes them feel welcome. But if your outdoor spaces aren’t up to par, it can give your clients the wrong impression. Our commercial lawn care services are designed to make sure the outside of your business lives up to the same standards as the inside. This simply reassures your customers they made the right decision in selecting your business.

Let the Professionals Take Care of the Commercial Lawn Maintenance Work

We know that running a business takes a lot of time and dedication. This probably means you don’t have the spare time or energy to be spending on lawn care. Whether you are hoping to just maintain a manicured look for your landscape or create a whole new outdoor space for your business, we have the tools and the know-how to take care of your landscape, saving you money and time. 

Professional, Customized Care is Our Standard

At TruGreen MidSouth, there is no one-size-fits-all plan. We will take the time to help you determine your needs, keeping in mind your budget, goals, and schedule. Every commercial landscape is different, and we will help you find the plan that is right for you. Our commercial services in Tupelo include:

If you’re ready to get the Tupelo commercial lawn services that will help reflect the professionalism of your business, TruGreen MidSouth has your back.

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Mosquito Control in Tupelo

With all the unique attractions here in Tupelo, the mosquito population in your yard doesn’t need to be one of them. While the warm climate in Mississippi makes summer the perfect time for enjoying outdoor activities and backyard barbeques, it also facilitates an increased number of mosquitoes and their itchy bites. Not only are they generally annoying, mosquitoes are also capable of transmitting harmful diseases like Zika, West Nile Virus, and Yellow Fever. 

Don’t let these bothersome pests drive you and your family inside! At TruGreen MidSouth, our mosquito control services in Tupelo will keep your yard protected all season long. This includes:

  • Recurring mosquito treatments in Tupelo designed to interrupt their breeding cycle and deter them from returning to your yard.
  • Customized plans to best suit the needs of your home and family.
  • Quality, reliable service from our team of highly-trained exterminators.
  • A significant reduction in your yards mosquito population, so you can spend time in your yard without worry!

Family-Friendly Treatments You Can Trust

When it comes to protecting your home and loved ones from harm, we don’t take that responsibility lightly. That’s why in addition to providing effective mosquito control treatments in Tupelo, we also ensure that our solutions are family-friendly. Our team of professionals in are committed to providing you with only the best service. When you count on TruGreen MidSouth for your Tupelo mosquito control needs, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Don’t let mosquitoes keep you from enjoying the outdoors another day!

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Imagine a green, barefoot-worthy yard, and all the endless activities that come along with it. With TruGreen on your side, you'll make having a green lawn look easy. Our lawn care programs, fertilization treatments, and lawn pest control in Tupelo can help you easily achieve the lush, green lawn you've always wanted—without doing any of the work! Our expert team can tackle a variety of lawn problems and are armed with the treatments and experience needed to whip your lawn into shape. 

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