Weed Control & Flower Bed Care

Pre and Post-Emergent Weed Treatments

Well-defined, weed-free beds create a perfect base from which flowers, shrubs, and more of the plants that set your landscape apart can flourish. But you shouldn’t have to fight weeds all season long. Don’t rely on back-breaking hand removal or reactive weed treatments. TruGreen Midsouth offers comprehensive bed care packages that emphasize weed prevention while carefully applying post-emergent weed control to keep beds clean. Let us take care of your landscape's bed health, so you can focus on the enjoyable activities of gardening!

Weed Control & Flower Bed Care

Enhance the Beauty of Your Landscape

We take as much pride in the appearance of your landscape as you do. We know weeds are unattractive, but they also compete with things you’ve planted for essential nutrients, light, and more. Our bed care services in Louisiana and Mississippi enhance the beauty and health of your landscape by fighting weeds with science-based treatments. A trained TruGreen MidSouth technician will customize applications of pre and post-emergent herbicides at the time of year required to achieve the most benefit. 

Say Goodbye to Weeds!

With the combination of timely herbicide treatments and frequent inspections, the plants in your beds will be free to grow with little competition for nutrients year-round. Our products target only the weeds to protect your shrubs and ornamentals. With a strong presence in your region and years of experience, we’re familiar with the weeds common to your area. Whatever weeds are bothering your beds, we’ll do our best to take care of them.

To create a lasting, weed-free environment in your beds for plants to thrive, contact us today!

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