Insect & Disease Control

Protect Your Lawn Against Insects and Disease!

Your lawn should be a place for play, cookouts, and other enjoyable activities. Unfortunately, it’s also where you can find insects and turf diseases in the Midsouth region. While a healthy, thick lawn is the best defense against insects and diseases, we know a direct pest control treatment can be crucial to ensuring the future fitness of your turf. Our line of insect and disease services keep you in control, with targeted treatments that fight the problem at its source while preventing its spread. 

Insect & Disease Control

Fungicide Lawn Application

Diseases can form in even the healthiest of lawns. You may see common symptoms, such as rings, stunted growth, or brown patches. But frequently it takes careful observation and knowledge to diagnose and treat the issue. And while the clock is ticking, your lawn is slowly declining. Our fungicide treatments save you time and rescue your turf. Let us take care of the entire process for you, from diagnosis to treatment. After treatment, we help homeowners adapt care practices to help prevent disease problems in the future. 

Insecticide Lawn Application

Insects and grubs, in great numbers, can rob your lawn of its health right from under your feet. If you’re seeing signs of a heavy infestation, an insecticide treatment will rid your soil and turf of these pests. Our treatments fight eggs, larvae, and adult insects for total coverage. TruGreen technicians are qualified to apply these treatments, ensuring responsible application practices and effective control. Treatments are targeted for minimal product usage and timed for greatest efficacy. Take your lawn back from an infestation today!

Flea and Tick Control

Fleas and ticks infringe on the comfort of your family and pets -- and even their health. We understand these pests create great worry and selecting a treatment can be equally as stressful. It doesn’t have to be that way. The priorities of a TruGreen technician are the same as yours when it comes to pest control. Proper precautions are always called for when dealing with pesticides, but our treatments are effective and useful, and produce rapid results to create a pest-free environment in your lawn once again. 

Our flea and tick control services include:

  • Prompt attention to your problem
  • Multi-treatment control services in frequencies customized to the needs of your property
  • Advisory information from our technicians regarding pet protection, indoor treatment, and more

To bring in a qualified TruGreen Midsouth technician to defeat your lawn insects and diseases, contact us today!

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