Specialty Lawn Care Services

Looking for Additional Services to Help Your Lawn Thrive?

Compacted soil and thatch build up are conditions that can harm the health of your lawn whether you are in Tennessee, Mississippi, or Louisiana. Because they cause increased risk of disease, infestation, and rapid weakening of turf and plants, they need to be dealt with quickly and carefully. If you’re looking to alleviate your lawn of these threatening conditions, we’ll help you determine which of our special services is right for you.

Specialty Lawn Care Services

Core Aeration 

This service acts as a “boost” for lawns whose health has slowly declined or are stressed from excessive soil compaction or thatch. Core aeration uses specialized machinery to pull plugs of soil and place them at surface ground level. The holes created allow the lawn to breathe and improve reception of essential nutrients. The bacteria-rich cores work to reduce thatch and break down over time. 

Some benefits of core aeration include:

  • Enhanced fertilizer, oxygen, and water uptake
  • Breakdown of destructive thatch and increased disease resistance
  • Deeper, healthier root system
  • Maximized results from your regular lawn care plan

Give your lawn a “breather” by positioning it for greater growth and recovery. Our professional technicians and advanced machinery guarantee safe, complete coverage for greater results.


If the thatch layer in your grass is greater than ½ inch deep, a dethatching service is helpful. This service pulls thatch from the turf so it can be vacuumed and removed. The resulting turf is thinner at first, but the delivery of nutrients, water, and oxygen allows for significant improvement in turf thickness and color. Insect and disease problems are also reduced. Dethatching and thatch removal is extremely labor intensive, and requires specialized equipment. TruGreen Midsouth’s professionals are trained and experienced in performing this service.

Dethatching services include:

  • State of the art equipment for minimized roughness and superior results
  • Proper disposal of pulled thatch
  • Localized service timing for best fertility and recovery
  • Recommendations to prevent future thatch build up after service

We’ve broken through thatch and solved problems for thousands of homeowners. Let TruGreen Midsouth carefully dethatch your lawn and restore its health.

Not Sure Which Service is Best for You?

It’s very normal to be unsure of which special service is right for you. We understand. Diagnosing the issues requires experience and agronomic knowledge. Every TruGreen Route Manager is dedicated not only to performing treatments with utmost care but also to making sure you’re well-informed as you choose your treatment. We’ll consult with you and make recommendations based on a diagnosis of your lawn. Rest assured, both you and your lawn will receive the personal attention you deserve.

Contact TruGreen Midsouth today to schedule your core aeration or dethatching service, or to speak with a TruGreen professional to learn more about these special treatments.

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