Tree & Shrub Care

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To create a standout landscape, it’s essential to consider the health of the trees and shrubs in your yard. Often overlooked by homeowners, these ornamental plants frequently represent a significant investment for the homeowner and require specific attention to ensure they maintain their health and beauty. Our tree and shrub care programs cover all the bases for you, protecting and feeding your plants at just the right times.

Tree & Shrub Care

The identification of your yard’s elements is where it all begins. It’s the foundation of our customized treatments. TruGreen’s tree and shrub technicians are trained to provide the care that each tree and shrub species in the Midsouth region needs to grow strong and beautiful. We’re also aware of the risks facing the trees & shrubs, and we tailor our preventative services to address these risks. 

Programs include:

  • Initial Analysis and Consultation
  • Protection from Insects and Disease
  • Spring and Fall Root Zone Fertilizations
  • Optional Additional Services

Year-Round Treatments for Consistent Results

This series of treatments is simply the base from which we develop your customized tree and shrub care plan. We’ve developed this schedule from experience, research, and knowledge of the local climate and risks. Each of your trees and shrubs will be continuously protected, fortified, and nurtured throughout the year.

The plan includes:

  • Early spring deep root fertilization to promote green-up and growth
  • Late spring disease and pest control application
  • Early summer targeted insect and disease control applications (as needed)
  • Late summer targeted insect control and treatment (as needed)
  • Fall deep root fertilization to encourage recovery and promote spring green-up
  • Winter dormant oil application to control winter insects and other harmful risks

Additional Services for Beautiful Ornamentals

We want your trees and shrubs to look as beautiful as possible and maintain their health. That’s why we offer additional services.

These include:

  • Winter Protection - To better prevent your trees and shrubs from cold season damage, we’ll customize a protection plan for you.
  • Fall Dormant Oil Application - If you’re at risk for insects whose overwintering stage occurs at this time, this treatment prevents these species from causing damage.
  • Insecticide Treatment - For trees and shrubs experiencing a heavy infestation that requires immediate treatment, we offer timely, safe applications to solve the problem and protect your turf.

Your Satisfaction--Guaranteed!

If you’re not pleased with the results, neither are we. Our Healthy Tree and Shrub Guarantee promises you the beautiful ornamentals you desire. Our greatest reward is your satisfaction. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll do what it take to reach your expectations or refund the cost of your last application.

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